Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Vote Bashy for MTV's Spanking New!

There are two reasons why you should click here right now. One click will mean that you have had your hand in the attempt to make Bashy MTV's Spanking New artist for 2008! Bashy has had an incredible year, really rearing his head in the final quarter with the immense 'Black Boys' project. His success is clear, every big UK MC wanted to be on that remix, and most were. Controversy surrounded the video as MTV banned it for its racist slant and as we all know; controversy = more publicity and support. Bashy deserves this award and I wish him all my best, I've voted.

Another reason to vote is that he is the only flippin' Hip Hop act on there, come on heads, vote for that man!

If you're still unsure go to the page (click on that there banner), check out what it's about, size up his competion and then vote! Also "LOOK OUT FOR THE BLACK BOYS SPECIAL EDITION DVD HITTING STORES ON 11TH FEB 2008!! FEATURING ALL THE VIDEOS, AUDIO, BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE, SPECIAL COLLECTORS PICS, A FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY AND MUCH MORE.... " Hope I can get me one of those.


Renato Pagnani said...

This beat might be a classic. I love the Bashy original, but did Sway steal the track and claim it as his own? I think he might have!

ANS said...

Nah he didn't steal it, at the beginning of the sway track he is on the phone to bashy asking for the beat! Black Stars has been TOO big here for anyone to claim it other than bashy!

The beat is a classic though.

Renato Pagnani said...

No no no, I don't mean he literally stole the beat from Bashy, just that Sway’s “Black Stars” might be the better track, which isn’t saying anything poor of “Black Boys”!

ANS said...

Ah yeah, get the meaning! Sway is far superior its expected. Bashy is rising though, he was the architect!

Anonymous said...

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