Tuesday, 12 February 2008

First up... some videos

The first video for you is a trailer for Bashy's 'Black Boys' DVD/CD double pack. It features some of the remix artists and is still on a positive vibe. Check Youtube and Myspace for more videos, especially the one with Skinnyman.

The second video is an interview by DJ Analogue in association with Leeds Hip Hop Scene with The Last Skeptik and Verb T. If you don't know much about either of these cats then spare less than ten minutes to get up to speed. Verb T has one of the best voices and flows in the UK and Last Skeptik currently has some of the nicest beats. I haven't had the cash to pick up their latest collabo but have heard tracks from it, the team up with Sway and Kyza being a favourite.

Also you should get the weekly podcast by The Last Skeptik, 'Dusty Crates Radio', where he plays good Hip Hop old, new and futuristic. His blog is here and this link does something about getting yourself the podcasts on the regular. And here is a link to the latest 'cast featuring Braintax, Manage, Ali Vegas and Kool G Rap among others.

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