Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Next... some singles

Last week I was privileged enough to recieve, all the way from the US, a promo copy of Yea Big + Kid Static's latest single entitled 'Eatchyo Samwich'. The single is the first part of a series called 'FMSMPRC Presents...3 Inches to Paradise'. Each release is a limited edition of 100 copies, now that is limited so I strongly advise you to get in touch with them and get yourself one.

The 1 track, 3 inch CD (package between two slices of bread) is worth whatever you'll have to pay, the track matches up to it's exclusivity. The beat, even now through my laptop speakers, is heavy and the lyrics are mean-muggin' and sandwich related. No buttery flows here, just a straight up slice of meat. Sample lyric: "Hold the Bacon, We don't even mess with them killers//comin' to git us just because we makin' that lettuce".

The second single of the day is 'Blackstars' by Highly Rated. Slated for release on 3rd March this tracks rides the welling wave of tracks representing the artists heritage. The country in question here is Ghana, currently in the limelight in Hip Hop circles because of Sway (check his 'Black Stars' remix of Bashy's 'Black Boys') and in sports news because of the African Nations Cup.

Highly Rated are a trio consisting of Beckz Winter, Xploder and D.Dark. Despite all being previously known for their work in the grime arena, 'Blackstars' definitely crosses over into Hip Hop territories. The beat, produced by D.Dark is the stand-out component of this track, a beautiful violin melody soars between the more grimey but uplifting synths whilst chanted vocals finish the proud sounding instrumental off nicely. The chorus is simple but effective and if you're anything like me, you'll be singing along. The verses are nice enough, nothing special lyrically, but the MC's are more than capable when riding the beat. All in all this a well finished piece of work and worth alot of praise, it's definitly a track I'll listen to all year.

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