Monday, 25 February 2008

Hail to the Teef

It's a crime that this didn't go on my blog the day in December I first caught wind and downloaded it. Teef is an excellent artist, one who combines all of the elements that make me love hip hop. He's humourous AND lyrical with his rhymes, yet he still manages to say something and everything to do with him is soaked in quality, recognisable artwork. When a whole product is this good, it is something you want to own. MP3's should not satisfy when it comes to Teef. Check out his video for 'Anonomous' too; it really continues the theme - great music and artwork formed only by pure original creativity.

Here are the tracks from the starter pack that you can download by clicking on the banner at the top.

Teef - Some road ft. Charlie Sloth
Teef - A Fools Bet
Teef - Standing rooms
Teef - Itch FM freestyle
Teef - Whipped

Check these and if you like them (and I'm sure, if you are a regular reader, that you will) come back soon to check a review of his latest mixtape 'Honour Amongst Teef vol. 3'. It's the release that contains the 'Anonomous' track and will be accompanied with the Honour Amongst Teef Brainbook. The illustrations in the brainbook are going to be a visual representation to each of the songs and the whole project is a joint collaboration with the clothing company Carhartt.

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