Monday, 25 February 2008

Mocambo Funk

This little gem came to my attention this week thanks to Fat City Records. It's a finnish funk cover of 'The Message' by Melle Mel, one of my favouritest ever tracks, and it sounds like it could be the flippin' original. I mean, it could be that Melle Mel's producers just robbed the tune and made it electro. This is just so dusty and crunchy...just how I like my funk biscuits.

I checked out the record label's myspace who put this one out, they're called Mocambo and are in the business of putting out quality modern-but-classic-sounding funk 45's. I loved all the tunes they had on there so I wanted to share them with you, they're only low quality and I'm sure these sound so much better on vinyl - can someone please buy me the whole lot? Mocambo? Wanna send me some?!

Mocambo Allstars - Free Vibes part 1.mp3
Mocambo Allstars - Swamp Strut.mp3
Mighty Mo and the Winchester 7 - The Next Message.mp3
The Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band - Look a py py.mp3


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Agent J said...

allo mate - check for a groovement MOCAMBO radio session which included the radio premiere of the next message - large!!!