Wednesday, 20 February 2008

New Braintax Album Coming Soon

I just robbed this off Suspect Packages, Disorda is lucky enough to be the one person everyone wants to tell about their new releases: "dropping on the 10th of March will be 'My Last And Best Album' from Braintax. Having relocated to Australia he's now setting things straight with his final release, well, let's wait and see if it really is to be his last release huh? We all know what retiring rappers are like, plus there's also a feature with indie band Reverend And The Makers in the pipeline. Anywayz, this new album is entirely produced by the don Colin Emmanuel and has collaborations with Steve Mason of The Beta Band, Daniel Debourg and Michael Caine, interesting stuff, and interesting times, nuff said..." (Disorda)

Sorry about the picture, it was the best I could find. I found it on who interestingly seem to have this up for download already.

Here are a few mp3's from his older albums:

Braintax - Antigrey.mp3
Braintax - Birofunk.mp3
Braintax - Escuchame.mp3
Braintax - Godnose ft. Taskforce.mp3
Braintax - Grip Again.mp3

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