Monday, 19 May 2008

Recent Listening Habits Part 2

Well I said I'd write this on Friday night but I didn't, not that anyone will be bothered anyway, so here it is.

I recently got Warren G's 'Take A Look Over Your Shoulder (Reality)' album because when I was in 6th form me and my mate totally loved 'Annie Mae' the first real track on the album. It features Nate Dogg and is G'd up. Other great tracks are 'Smokin' me Out', 'What's Love Got to do With It' and 'I Shot The Sheriff'.

I also got probably the hardest Christian rap album ever. 'Stop The Music' is by New Breed from the Tunnel Rats camp and it's a barrage of heavy beats and vehemently spat lyrics. This Brother/Sister combo really bring the funk through stripped down, kick driven, latin infused production and manage not to come across preachy despite their Christian content. 'Stand' has always been a favourite, 'Breathless' shows some versatility and the title track bangs. Dope cover art too.

Speaking of cover art, I picked Libretto's 'Ill-oet The Last Element' up because a) it looked good, b) it was cheap, c) an amazon review said it was good and d) I listened to a clip of one song and liked it. If you like Erick Sermon's music then this is one you might like however the production is all original and is handled by his crew. The intro is one of the more enjoyable ones around and the follow up track 'Slumfunk' is a good 'un. When the production is not squelching with funk it's soulful. 'Alma Mater' (sorry about the ID3 spelling) is a Dre'ish G Funk club/ridin' track and whilst it's not the OG it's pretty good anyway.

I'm gonna finish off with one last CD and pick this up again another day, there are too many to post at once. Non Phixion are kinda unique in what they do. It's hardcore, socialogical, political, none-black (I hate to add but it's important I do) Hip Hop. NP's choice of beats is second to none - Necro, Large Professor, Pete Rock, DJ Premier and Juju all have a hand in the production on 'The Future is Now', and that's a good who's who of classic 90's Hip Hop producers. Stand out tracks are 'If You Got Love', 'Suicide Bomb' and 'Rock Stars'.

Hmm, looking back at those four albums, they're quite diverse! But wait for the next installment, it's different still, Hip Hop, but different.

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License Farm said...

Sad to say Non-Phixion broke up a ways back. According to most of the members, it was b/c their DJ Goretex was missing shows, getting stoned too much, and otherwise not being a team player. Most of the other members have put out solo albums since. What was always surprising to me about NP was just how hard and gangstuh they were for a bunch of mostly Jewish (and a little Italian) guys from da Bronx.