Monday, 19 May 2008

Million Dan 'Spektrum' Review

If I take any CD away on holiday with me this August it’ll be ‘Spektrum’. Although it represents many musical styles and evokes many feelings there’s something about it that’s made to provide a soundtrack for a long summer. Maybe it’s the vigour, maybe it’s the extraordinary refreshment of different genres or maybe it’s the fact that it reminds you that actually, your musical tastes are pleasantly eclectic.

Maybe Million Dan’s own explanation of why the album is entitled ‘Spektrum’ puts a finger on the reason why this release is so appealing: ‘My album is a spektrum of songs, countries, artists and energy’. And he’s not lying. Hip Hop, Reggae (Sizzla and Bounty Killer both feature too), Electro, Soul, Latin Dub, Grime, Bashment…yep, all present and correct in varying mixtures. It’s just so great to listen to an album with so many vibes; each track has its own thing going on but as a whole album they don’t sound disparate.

I have to admit that I can’t always listen to a lot of ragga-tinged rap but Million makes patois more acceptable than anyone else I’ve ever heard. He possesses that tongue twisting skill that embodies Jamaican influenced Hip Hop and he uses to great effect. Million’s clear delivery and simple but oh-so-tight lyrics complete the package marked ‘Million Dan’s incredible voice’. The spektrum extends to the subject matter: himself, women, ghetto living but with a focus on lyricality and metaphors.

There are some very big tunes on here that basically sum up his back catalogue of singles since the Demon Boyz’ ‘Definition’ set. ‘Mic Chek’ has that Batman theme sounding beat, ‘Spektrum Ride’ is a bashment Atari bomb, ‘Dogz ‘n’ Sledgez’ is well, ‘Dogz ‘n’ Sledgez’ innit – it’s capable of damage. ‘Scream Out’ is a shuffling party starter and ‘Glimity Glamity’ is the last track – Demon Boyz’ finest moment. You should buy it for this collection of inspired singles but then you also might want to check out ‘Futuristic’ which could perhaps be described as ‘summer’ – you want this to be playing when you’re on the beach in a couple of months. ‘Inner City Got Plenty Cases’ is brilliant social commentary and warning but is surprisingly upbeat and breezy, it’s also got the type of name a Silent Eclipse track would have and ‘Go In’ features fellow UK stalwart MCD as well as Dynamite MC and K.Nerz, it’s dramatic Electro Reggaeton that features four brilliant MC’s.

I’m meant to be putting more negative into my reviews but the only thing I can say is 'Lambada' is too lewd for my liking. Had Million put less sex rhymes in here I'm pretty sure Dream Works Animations would have been snapping this up for their next kids movie. Million Dan has masses of character and is not content with the fashionable complaining that Hip Hop is thriving on at the moment. He seems to be having fun and leading by example rather than trying to preach truths. The worst thing I can say is that I wasn't expecting it to be this good!

Just buy this, you will not be disappointed and it’s available already at places like Suspect Packages, Amazon, Rap and Soul or if you like downloads, itunes.

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