Friday, 16 May 2008

Raashan Ahmad

Here's one to watch for. I heard the single off this album 'Weight'/'The Crush' on itunes and was very surprised to hear that it samples The Zutons' track 'Pressure Point'. Have returned to the time when sampling current tracks is the done thing again? Anyway, after a quick myspace visit I decided I liked this new US Hip Hop and I'm going to check for it when it's released on the 19th/20th of this month.


Anonymous said...

God this is absolute piss isn´t it?

Surely we can´t go on with this rap/hip hop thing where EVERY track must begin with this fake "lets see if the mic´s working" bullshit of "yo, yo, yeah, yeah"

It´s beyond parody but it goes ON and ON. Twats.

Aidan said...

To be honest, that's the least of Hip Hop's problems, if indeed it is a problem. In my opinion it's not a problem. How is it problematic? Why the bee in your bonnet? Have you had a dramatic experience with a rapper saying yo?

Mr. Casanova said...

Yoooo the song fight is FIREEEEEEE!!!! Is there any zshare/mediafire/etc links?

gaz said...

Thanks a million