Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Sincere - 'Once Upon A Time' ft. Natty

Check out the latest single from rising stars Sincere and Natty. It's produced by First Man Productions and is a super happy bit of summery, trumpety UK rap with that radio twist. I don't say this often (never said it yet) but I will put my personal stamp of guarantee on the fact that you WILL hear this on your wireless (if you live in Britain that is). Sin hasn't just jumped on Natty's recent radio/itunes success, they go way back and Sincere already has some sterling, sterling work under his belt including tracks with Skinny Man.

'Once Upon a Time' tells, I suspect, a brief story of Sincere's life. With a sing song rap style and an even more sing song chorus it's just a real pleasure to listen to. Check the video too, it's not just the same old, same old rap video. The first part is set on a theatre stage with a fish and chip shop on it!

The single is out on the 26th June and on the 2nd June hotstep to Sincere's myspace page to get a link to a free mixtape download.

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Downbeatscape said...

This is a seriously good track - nice find and thanks for sharing!