Thursday, 10 February 2011

Cyrus Malachi Interview

I recently had the chance to catch up with Cyrus Malachi and heres what he had to say.

CB: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with Certified Banger, can you fill in those who may not be aware of you with some history?

CYRUS MALACHI: yeah man no doubt, i first was heard on m9's debut mixape ''High Fidelity'' which dropped in 2007, i then was introduced further to the game with the Triple darkness debut album''Anathema'' which dropped in 2008, later that year i was heard on numerous cameos off the M9 sophomore mixtape/project 144,000, the following year in 2009 i was part of a group some were deeming a supergroup Orphans of Cush, we dropped a mixtape ''White Noize'', then in july 2010 i dropped my first solo mixtape ''The Isis Papers'' vol 1, which will be followed up by a Vol 2 in March 2011, then the following month my solo debut L.P ''Ancient Future'' will drop 11th April...

CB: The new album "Ancient Future" is out on April 11th how does this differ to your previous work and who have you lined up for production and features?
CYRUS MALACHI: It fundamentally differs firstly because its the first album ive ever done solo, so people are gonna get to know more about me as an artist, also i touch on some very personal life experiances, a side no one has seen much of, it is insanely lyrical,ridiculously concentrate hip hop steeped in symbollism, positive thought, knowledge and wisdom, the horrors of street life but at other times
its simple,clear,relatable,understandable, emotive and powerfully moving...feature wise there is a strong American Prescence on the album, something i know some over patriotic fans might not like, but i dont share the belief of fuck the yanks, i wave the uk hip hop flag all day, coz thats how i came up, but the world is much bigger than this island and we have to realise that, and above all America gave birth to this music we love so working with the finest emcees from over there is an honour regardless of what some people may say, and as well as that i have a least 10 tracks on my album which only feature myself so i dont think anyone will be able to say i couldnt hold it down solo, i got The Wisemen on there a siick detroit based Wu Tang branch off group led by the lyrical and production mystro Bronze Nazereth, i got one of hottest rappers on the US underground Ruste Juxx reppin Duck Down records, the Wu Elements producer and Emcee Darkim Be Allah and the late great Killa Sha R.I.P which was a special honour coz i grew up listening to that guy , man....UK got Kyza Smirnoff, Melanin 9, Iron Braydz, Cipher jewels, also got a hot US female vocalist on there by the name of Letia La', Beat Butcha, 7th Dan, Diplimat, Anatomy, Noize Theivery, Endemic, Jon Phonics and Morph.

CB: You and No Cure Records in general have been making a lot of moves in America lately, considering most artists this side of the Atlantic struggle to make an impact there what do you think has been key to this success?

CYRUS MALACHI: I think the key is its real hip hop first of all, people recognize real shit wherever you are, also i rap about the street instead of glorifying it, i show the horrors of it and brothas can relate to that, people say i have a deep baritone vocal which has quite a lot of force to it, i came through the same mystery schools of thought a lotta American rappers have, and i make very traditional hip hop not anything derrivitive like some weird funky house electro shit with bars put on top of it just good pure hip hop, and one more major factor is the very astute work of No cure Records owned by Endemic, who has the business acumen,drive, passion,connects and networking skills to make big things happen for his artists.

CB: Is there any plans for a tour to coincide with the release?

CYRUS MALACHI: Not as of yet, but i would love to tour man especially for this album..

CB: Okay youve worked with some great artists,is there anyone you would like to work with in the future?
CYRUS MALACHI: For sure man, erm, Raekwon, Roc Marciano, Sean Price, REKS, Slaughterhouse, Vinnie Paz, Rass Kass, Shabazz the disciple, Killah Priest, GZA, RZA, Tragedy Khadafi, Black Milk, Apollo Brown, Black the Ripper, Klashnekoff,Phi Life Cypher, Chester P, the P Brothers and he legendary Hackney based Uk crew 12 Stone, to name a few

CB: So whats next for Cyrus Malachi?

CYRUS MALACHI: What ever the universe throws a me bro, all i know is in the last few months iv had some shit happen to me that made me realise I was born to do this, i truly believe that.

CB: Is there anything youd like to add?

CYRUS MALACHI: nothing much, just KEEP HIP HOP ALIVE...

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