Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Rewd Adams Interview

In the week of the Rewd Awakening’ release we caught up with Rewd Adams to talk about everything from the history to the future, Radio 1 to religion and Prison to Plan B……….

For people who don’t know your history can you please tell us where it all started for you in terms of first putting the pen to pad?

I tried a little bit of drum and bass mcing when I was about 20 under the name Creeper. It kind of got semi serious to the stage where I was performing at some up and coming jams in London. I went away for a bit ‘on a holiday’ then when I came back I was less into the drum and bass and more into UK hip hop. Some guys that I was running with put me onto guys like Jehst and Taskforce. From then I thought yeah I want to be doing this. It was about 2004 when it all started.

Im not a fan of labelling MCs into categories. I much prefer to hear where they came up from and let people build their own assumptions. Please tell us your background in music in general?

I don’t really come from a musical background at all. I grew up listening to DnB, jungle UK music and my Dad was banging out a lot of rock and roll like Cream and people like that. I grew up on UK stuff. Right now I listen to a lot of soul and old RnB. Things like Marvin Gaye, The Isley Brothers and Earth Wind And Fire.

Going back ‘Project A' was your first official release and saw you putting your vocals to beats by the already well established producer Chemo. How did this connection come about?

I met Chemo through Manage who was my next door neighbour back in the day. Chemo was engineering for Manage and Wordsmith. From there we started recording....

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Anonymous said...

This is Drew's brother. To put some facts straight I am no Pastor, I am a stay at home father of twins. I am a Christian. Drew says we don't see eye to eye and that we don't speak. We might not agree with each other on some things but the not speaking to each other is entirely of his own choosing. It is his choice to not remain in touch with our family including his neices that he has seen just a couple of times. Our door is always open, he just needs to make the effort. I have no problem with him he is my brother, I love him, shame he never believed it. Spencer