Saturday, 19 February 2011

Skuff - Deep Covers

Skuff produced one of my favourite LPs of all time in 2006 with 'End of the World News' so I'm always ready to listen to what the man's got to say and he delivers plenty of outstanding rhymes over bootlegged beats including Nas' Purple, The Game's Dreams and Outkast's B.O.B as well as a couple of random homegrown bangers. Skuff flips hooks and rhymes from the original tracks, hence the title of this free mixtape 'Deep Covers', as well as delivering his usual autobiographical steeze and extensive vocabulary. Not many MCs can use such a vast range of words while still being entertaining and applying so much emotion to there vocal delivery. Download 'Deep Covers' for free HERE or follow the above player. As Skuff states on the bandcamp page 'this album will probly never be finished' so expect more of the same somewhere in the future....

AD - And check out the 'End of the World News' album that Josh mentioned on the same bandcamp page. Available to download for just 2 of your pounds. Bargain, genuinely top album.

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Anonymous said...

Big up, really appreciate the support... people, this is only free for the next 1000 downloads, then it'll be like 20p or something, so run get it or loose out on some penny sweets. Thank you muchly!