Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard

Ive been a member of Akai MPC Forums for a while now you can here alsorts of madness over there from the beautiful to the idiotic. Nym, another long term member, presents his instrumental LP 'Warm Blooded Lizard' the album is one of the most consistant, imaginative and inspiring pieces Ive found there or anywhere else for that matter for a long time. The album features and was inspired by spaghetti westerns and films of that genre, Nym aims to evoke the emotion and atmosphere of those movies he does that and much more creating huge soundscapes that never seem to stop evolving. Its a mere $5 but entirely free to stream so do the old 'one click hustle' and have a listen on the player below to 'Lesser Known Good' and follow the links to his bandcamp where you can buy the album.

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