Thursday, 31 May 2007

Blind as a post

There are not many tunes that I would post before I've even listened to but when I find Jurassic 5 have a new song then I will post it. That was just a a thought, but by complete coincidence here is a new track by J5 that I am only just listening to for the first time.

If you like previous tracks where they do a singsong chorus then this is for you. This style of harmony is a clear nod to the freestyle fellowship. For a excellent taster of them go to missingtoof for a selection of downloads and a loada knowledge.


Anonymous said...

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ANS said...

OK, Bec will know what this says but I don't and the free 'translation' doesn't help too much either:

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NathSeth said...

Hmmmm nice song init! proper cool, n now ive finally got jilted jon on mp3! chwaars!