Friday, 4 May 2007

What's another word for pirate treasure?

I've been on some sort of a plundering mission and many blogs and websites have been ravaged. This weekend I shall be putting in for port, I will be dropping anchor and taking stock. I have downloaded millions of mp3s since my last post and alot of them have been very good. I just now need to find the all important diamonds in amongst all the gold (the wheat/chaff thing doesn't fit with the whole pirate analogy).

If you're up for listening to a collection of hip hop gems purloined from various locations in the vast oceans we call the internet then come back in a couple of days. Meanwhile, I'll be sitting in my lair gleefully sifting through the piles of booty, letting the beats and rhymes fall carelessly through my fingers and tossing the flows and rhythms up in the air and letting out 'arrrs' of delight as they rain down on me.

Being a helpful sorta piratey type, I'd like to share just a couple of things with you just to keep you sweet. If you're planning to sail the 7 seas then you'll need some mixtapes to slot into the deck. For an excellently mixed chronological history of Hip Hop then go download these ones from The Rub here. There are 11 altogether going from 1979 to 1989 and they will school you in all the essentials of the rap games roots. Also check out Jaguar Skills's's 'Who is He?' mixtape. If you like hearing your favourite acapellas from the likes of Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie and Lupe over what seems to be every instrumental and break ever made in quick succesion then download this. If you like the normal boring mashups (that I am now just about pig sick of ) then this will be a shock to your system and for most should be a welcome change.

The answer is: Booty (Just ask the Beastie Boys)


Tom said...

can't wait to hear the next slew of beauties from certified banger. listening to jaguar now, c'est off le hook so far. i'd love to meet someone with the same taste as me.

Anonymous said...

you have this and the eclectic hermit? nasty