Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Surfin with a boy in your mouth

Part 2- Will it ever - Electro type dancehall with female vocal

Lotek Hi-Fi - Ram Dancehall Ft. Earl J - Gorillazesque Electro dancehall

Justice - The Party Ft. Uffie - What you'd expect, a silly girl talking over some electro

Lyrical Darkness - Subzero - The Anthem - Electro beat American Hip Hop

Leyode - Isabelle - Chilled out instrumental hip hop with reversed samples

DJ Mehdi- I Am Somebody (Paris_Version) - Ooooh, this must be headed for stardom

Hood Surgeon - Daddy Was A Dr - Dr. Dre's son joining The Game in idolising his dad

Busdriver - sunshower remix - More crossover, like Hadouken! but the American way.

1 comment:

Tom said...

Yep that Leyode track is amazing, could be a Sunday Chiller!

DJ mehdi, what can i say but SAUVAGE! Speaking of which, i'm listenin to some dubstep and they've got the heavy beats down.

certified banger is back!