Thursday, 17 May 2007

Just download, that's why you're here

Here are some tracks that have been making waves down my ear canal in the last week.

Paul Wall - Bangin' Screw - Pauls charm is in his effort to be a cool southern rapper, this is hot though, don't get me wrong.
Royce da 5'9 - Hit 'Em - Royce seems to fall on and off the radar but he's pretty consistent and this is good hard hip hop.
Skyzoo - The Paper - Unashamed about why he raps, he wants to make money, at least he's honest.
Prodigy - Raining Guns And Shanks - Wow! The best of the bunch here, what is this beat? It's amazing!
Young Jeezy - Mr. 15 - Good album, good track.
MED - All I Know - Produced by Madlib, this is a heater.
Clipse - Nightmares ft. Bilal and Pharrell - Chilled out track from Virginias finest cain slingers.
Sway - Sky is Falling - Didn't make the new EP but tis truly great Brit Hop

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1 comment:

Tom said...

haha loving the tea-kettle sound, what a tune.

clipse link aint working.

thanks for upping the popes on dope mix! picture on the way.