Monday, 28 May 2007

Jilted John Shuttleworth

Imagine my delight when two of my musical comedy...erm, favourites, became one. Today I was looking up some of the comedy I enjoy listening to on BBC 7. I googled John Shuttleworth as his thoughtful but ridiculous northern comedy makes me chuckle when I'm tucked up on an evening. Then I went to his website and low and behold, John Shuttleworth is Jilted John of Jilted John fame.

In 1978 Graham Fellows provided the soundtrack for my mum's day trip to Silverstone with 3 of her male friends with his alter ego's number one hit, Jilted John. Many years later, listening to her old Blue Oyster Cult and Sham 69 tapes I discovered this one hit wonder. Then I found it on 7 inch and my sister saw it on one of channel 4's awful 'top 100...' shows (one hit wonders). Nowadays, an older John is regularly gracing the airwaves as John Shuttleworth, a sheffield born 'Versatile singer/organist' who sings about everyday occurences in a serious manner.

John Shuttleworth - Two margarines
Jilted John - Jilted John - for loads more videos/audio - for more mod/punk music of the time - for to find out when you can listen


Tom said...

haha i'd forgotten that nugget, mice one.

check out 'deep trouble' on radio4 listen again, pretty random and very funny comedy about an inept submarine crew.

Anonymous said...

Good words.