Thursday, 10 May 2007

They got it going on...

Some of the very perceptive readers (or just those who know me) may have picked up on the fact that this blog owner is a fan of the Beastie Boys. I feel it’s about time to openly admit this (not that I hide it – I love to sport my Beastie Boys T-Shirts) and provide you with some Beastie Boys goodness. For some of you this may constitute a whistle whetting, for others; a reminder of how great and all encompassing they are.Fandom for me began when ‘Hello Nasty’ was released; receiving that cardboard foldy outy sleeved CD for my birthday has most likely changed my musical life for ever. My first Beastie Boys purchase was actually ‘Intergalactic’ on tape single and for anyone unacquainted is definitely a great way to begin liking the group (I also now have it on vinyl thanks to Oxfam). After you realise how amazing this track is, buy the whole album. Hello Nasty has some great Hip Hop, Reggae, Bossa Nova and instrumental tracks and a well meditated tracklist.

The year I was born was the year the Beastie Boys rudely exploded onto the rap scene and along with stable mates LL Cool J and Run DMC at Def Jam (and Rick Rubin) they pretty much changed the sound of the rap game. We all know that sound; heavy, simplistic drum breaks infused with heavy, simplistic guitar riffs. For sheer chauvinistic pleasure and comedy value (and also a small chance for me to brag) I have chosen to give you ‘Girls’. I have a copy of this on 7” vinyl, still wrapped in plastic (although it is opened at the end) with a free tour patch. I have never seen this version of the single anywhere as I guess most people would have taken off the patch to wear with pride on their faded denim jacket.

Well, I’m not going to go through Beastie history because I promise I am attempting to make my posts shorter but I will point you in the direction of some good tracks. If you have never got into the Beastie Boys and would like to then I would NOT recommend ‘Solid Gold hits’ or ‘Sounds of Science’. If you buy either, you will be satisfied with the material and will never want more and there is so much to be found elsewhere. Buy any of their albums, if you’re patient and shop at HMV then you can usually get them for around a fiver each in their (decreasing in quality) numerous sales.

To sample the varying sounds of the Beastie Boys cop these for yourself:

Hold it now, Hit it – from Licensed to Ill – Rick Rubin beat with a whistle scratch
Groove Holmes – from Check your head/ - …groovy, funky instrumentation
Sabotage – from Ill Communication – The Boys playing their instruments=great rock
Get it together – from Ill Communication – Featuring Q-Tip, a v. cool track
Root down (Free Zone Mix) – from Root down EP – my favourite B.B. track
Crawlspace – from To the 5 Boroughs – a slithering bassy beat, laid back lyrics


So Watcha Want ft. B-Real – the boys with another favourite MC
Hey Ladies (Green mix) – from New York State of Mind mix by DJ Green Lantern
Triple Trouble (Graham Coxon remix) – indie rock remix by Blur guitarist is nice
Country Delight – from Country Mike’s Greatest Hits – thought I’d rip this one for y’all
Triple Take - McSleazys mash up of Franz Ferdinands 'Take me out' and 'Triple Trouble'

There’s always remixes flying around on the net because the Beasties have/had all their acapellas available for download on their newly designed website. As any blog reader worth his salt will know, the Beastie Boys are bringing out a new instrumental album which I’m looking forward to so keep eyes peeled for that. I feel like I’ve posted too many mp3s but this still only represents a small portion of the BB’s body of work and I urge you to go and buy some of their albums. Finally check out Mic to Mic, a blog dedicated to the good ol’ Boys.

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