Monday, 24 March 2008

10Shott and Tony Benn

Whilst 10Shott wows crowds in Egypt tonight you can vote for his video on Channel U. Having just looked at their top 20 videos, 'Memory Blank' should really be up there in it's top 5. All you gotta do is text 'shott' to '81700' and the winner of the votes will get regular rotation on Channel U... so get texting!!
In other 10shott news:

"Following on from the earlier meetings with Tony Benn (pictured above), 10Shott was rushed to London last week to conduct a TV interview with prominent MP and anti-war supporter, George Galloway. George premiered the 'Tin Soldiers' video on Press TV which is going out across America, the Middle East and Australia.

Whilst 10Shott freely admits he is NOT a political activist, the track 'Tin Soldiers,' written about the war in Iraq from one soldiers perspecive, may well stir questions in the listeners mind. The accompanying part-animation video adds huge power to this already thought-provoking track. To coincide with the 5 year anniversary of the war in Iraq, 10Shott's single 'Tin Soldiers' is now available. With this powerful message we really can help save lives. All you have to do is download the single..."

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