Friday, 28 March 2008

Musings and Music from the Witching Hour

I haven't just posted a collection of music for a while now so, having found myself awake with a laptop and not much else to do I have decided to listen to some music and post good stuff up as it comes through the 'phones.

First up are a couple of tracks from Atlantic Connection, this cat is apparently well known in the UK Drum 'n' Bass and dance scenes (I wouldn't know) but is from LA. Do US D'n'B producers long to break the UK market in the same way most UK artists ache to conquer the US? I don't know, answers on a postcard please. Anyway, I really do digress. 'Touch This' featuring Kemst, is a soulful and chilled break beat Hip Hop affair and you'll be glad to know that, despite the title, it's not about touching anything rude so you wont have to cringe for 6 minutes and 7 seconds. Instead just let the silky vocals and vibes wash over you. 'Heat of the Groove' does have a title that suggests some new jack swing-esque shenanigans but actually it's another chilled but more straight up Hip Hop track with a simple sung chorus and an MC (Mental Sharp - cool name) with an unoffensive voice chatting his thoughts. Nice stuff, I wanna hear more. Check his myspace page, the track 'Good Hood Review' on there is a bit of banger! Flippin' 'eck, so's 'Can't Destroy Love'! Download the sampler for the 'Tomorrow's Not Enough LP' here.

Then, today I went on 7Digital where you can download 10Shott's tracks and I downloaded some free stuff, and I downloaded some really cool stuff! Take a peek yo!

I got the 'True School Cypher' by long time UK Christian Rap favourties ZionNoiz. Ah, some top quality lyrics on this funky, minimalistic beat...proper Hip Hop from loads of real unique sounding MC's.

Then I got an amazingly jaunty jazz Hip Hop track, seriously it's like Charlie Chaplin did the beat, called 'Howz That' by The Anomalies. I've really got to find out more about these funksters cos the music is sooooo happifying and the rappers are skilled and the girl who half sings, half raps has a truly luscious voicebox. Man, you better go check their myspace for more goodness on a more indie-ish vibe.

I also got from there a new Bashy track on which he vents his dissapointment and anger (in a very controlled manner) about the fact that he's made some big moves and he's not reaping the financial benefits - 'Where's My Money At?'. And that's all I got from there.

I rang my G'ma today and even she'd heard this next track but I'ma go ahead and post it anyway 'cause for some reason I really like it. It reminds me of Outkast and that's a good thing andI don't care what it's about. The Knux - 'Cappucino remix'.

Speaking of Outkast, have you heard their new track? It's called 'Royal Flush' and it's just lovely, classic Outkast and it has a weird sample break that I have on a 12" by Tony D. Welcome back Big Boi and especially Andre 3000 (my, how you can rap!). Oh and it features none other than Wu-Tang's very own chef, Raekwon.

I know this track is bare old but this amazing remix is amazing, oh and did I mention, it's amaz...yeah I did. Really freshens it up, and yeah, the track is 'Next Episode' by Dr. Dre and it has been remixed by T.Smythe beats. Think of this as a demo for how good this guy could make your raps sound cos his other beats are nice too, they reminded me of Hi-Tek and Ty beats.

And since we're on that remix thing, here's a remix of Busta Rhymes' 'Woo-Ha' in a funk reggae style. It's called 'Rappoors Delaaght' and is by Taggy Matcher who has released a whole series of these 7 " beauties on Stix Records.

I think that's enough for now although I've got so much more to give you! Stay tuned, aight?!

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Gospel Song Writer said...

Reminds me of Manafest, my favorite Christian rapper.