Thursday, 20 March 2008


Above is the new grading system for album reviews. Certified Banger has evolved since it's early days. Originally I just posted up tracks that I loved, and I do still intend to do this. But it has taken on a new role. As its popularity has increased it's potential has been realised by a few PR companies, record companies and artists and as a result I get alot of free music (thanks y'all) for review. As they kindly send me their product, as well as providing you with a good idea of what an album is like, I feel it my duty to repay them with a few words.

That brings me nicely to this paragraph. A few words, my reviews up to this point have all been pretty long. Whilst I do have the freedom to write as much as I like, most of you don't have the freedom or patience to read blogs for that long. Also with the amount of music I recieve being semi-volumous, I don't actually have the time to write reams. So, from now on I hope to shorten my reviews, to make them more readable, after all I consider it a greater skill to say alot in fewer words. It'll take some practice but sit tight, I'll get there.

So it remains to be said - send me your album or single either in the post (more likely to be listened to as a physical copy) or via email/link and I'll get you featured!

Also, just to throw this out there...anyone interested in making/giving me some exclusive tracks for a compilation?

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