Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Word Swallowing

Since writing my review of Teef's 'Honour Amongst Teef Vol. 3' I've been thinking of the the things I wrote in my opening paragraphs. I knew I'd regret it when I wrote it but it felt right at the time! Man! I need to learn to discern what are lasting feelings and what are feelings of the moment! At the time I was in a happy mood (thanks to Teef) and I was overcome with wanting Hip Hop that was fun and bouncy. I actually believe Hip Hop is an outlet for any feeling and I would never want it not to be; I know it's been there for me during hard times and during good times. Dark, moody, melancholy, reminiscent etc beats and tracks are fine by me.

I stick by what I said about the blandness. So many beats are just so immotive that even the MC's on them struggle to find meaning in them. On reassessment I want Hip Hop to give me an emotion, whatever that may be. Also I want to hear originality and skill coupled with interesting lyrics on a wide variety of topics. I also like to hear this done humourously or with a new perspective.

If you make this music, email me!

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