Wednesday, 12 March 2008

10Shott on MTV and live in B'ham!

10Shott live at the Jamhouse, Birmingham - 'Religion' A Cappella live

Just had a text to say Tenny's new video for 'Memory Blank' is going on rotation on MTV Base as of next week. Congratulations to 10Shott and all at ZY Records for all they have achieved so far...and for those about to achieve - we salute you.

Also I picked up a copy of HHC yesterday and suffice to say 10Shott is applied liberally throughout the issue. Page 41 has a half page advert/write up in the form of a competition to win a guitar used in the making of 'Groundbreaker (...A Di Real)', 'Memory Blank' is at number 6 in the top ten singles for the month whilst 'New Year Startin', Ten's track with Supar Novar weighs in at number 2. Mike Lewis in his column 'Home Style' rates 10Shott's 'Memory Blank' as 3rd best tune at the moment and gives glowing reports about the 'Memory Blank' video.

Here's an mp3 (taken from the above youtube video) of 'Religion A Cappella (Live)'. That and this 'might' just be on the album:

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