Monday, 24 March 2008

Mr. Drastick - 'The Gladiators Anthem' review

Drastick’s rigorous training for the Colosseum has been in the form of self promoted street level mixtapes and it’s truly made him battle ready. As any Romanophile will know, Gladiators were allowed to use whichever weapons suited their fighting style and armed with an arsenal of original beats and rhymes that go 5 or 6 syllables deep Drastick is prepared to defeat all opponents.

Chemo produced opener, ‘Give it Up’, is a straight banger, Drastick lays down his manifesto in no uncertain terms. Jaw-dropping rhymes that sound like everyday speech get his message across with ease. This skill isn’t confined to one track - every verse on each song has been expertly written and is impeccably delivered. As well as being extremely lyrical, Drastick knows how to tell a story. ‘The Cycle’ is an innovative track about a son repeating his father’s mistakes.

With a total of six songs on here about women, Drastick’s softer side is on display too. Two of those songs are moral tales intended to provide a warning against the life choices some girls make but the others are essentially love songs and 4 love songs (no matter how good) on a rap album is too many.

Drastick’s raps “I have the passion to succeed in this game”, it may just be true. This album is amazingly listenable and nearly every track is pure heat. I hope he wins the rap emperor’s favour.

Certified Bangers: ‘Give it Up’, ‘Baby ft. Yungun’ and ‘Stuck’

Top Lyric: “The truth is we’re never movin’//We’re just going round in circles talkin’ about revolution” (from ‘I don’t Wanna See’)

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