Tuesday, 27 April 2010

'The Exit Strategy' - Invisible Inc. (review)

Ghost’s electrified woozy beats on ‘The Exit Strategy’ provide the perfect backdrop for the rhymes of some of the UK’s best rhymers: Kashmere and Verb T. With relaxing, hypnotic headnod tracks being the overall experience this is one to settle and listen to – let the sometimes surreal, sometimes true-to-life lyrics wash around the emptiness the production has cleared. Asaviour pops up on 'Suspects' and 'Paranoia' and gels well with the group. This is an understated, unsung release that is guaranteed to give you what you need – if only it had a physical release.

It can be heard for free and downloaded for a minimum of £3.50 from Bandcamp. If you pay more than a fiver you’ll get two extra tracks.

1 comment:

Matt said...

its a fantastic release- my only slight reservation is the vocalist.

but overall one if the dopest releases in the uk for years. £3.50 is a steal.