Saturday, 17 April 2010

'Lost Where I Belong' - Andreya Triana (single review)

Thinking of releasing a single? Do it like Andreya Triana did with ‘Lost Where I Belong’.

There’s the original track (produced by Bonobo): beautiful, sunny, Neo-Soul with a lyrically original take on the classic love song – a lovely thing. There’s an acoustic version with deeper grooves and extra rhythm (which may just be the better version). There’s also an album version (which prolongs the experience by a couple of minutes).

Then there’s the Flying Lotus remix which totally turns the original on its head whilst retaining the summertime, swimming pool vibes. As if that’s not enough you also get the instrumental of the remix which is, by itself, a perfect piece of music ideally suited to getting lost in – an absolute gem.

By the time you’ve listened to the 5 tracks in the package the song will be so firmly cemented in your head that you will be a fan – job done.

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