Tuesday, 20 April 2010

'The Sound of Colours' - Jack Flash (review)

Jack Flash must have a screw or two loose. Firstly, he classes 'The Sound of Colours' as an EP. Secondly, tracks 1 to 9 are free and to get the whole 14 tracks it's only £3.95. This is not normal behaviour.

This 'EP' is chock-full of the type of quality product that any Jack Flash fan would be more than happy to pay album price for and let's face it, it is an album - an LP with a running time just shy of an hour. The title track is a beast - I was really looking forward to this after hearing the lovely acoustic version. It's followed up by a creature more vicious: 'King of the Hill' - wordplay and put downs that prove why Jack is worthy of his EOW accolades.

Flows, subject matter and beats never stay similar - 'Too Much Make Up' proves Mr. Flash can do social commentary, 'King of the Hill' confirms his ability to double time (and you won't even realise it's so effortless and... ungarbled!), 'Slow Down' sees Jack flow over one of those wonky, soulful beats that are oh-so-cool right now and 'Writing on the Wall' is a great ode to graffiti over a espionage-type backdrop.

The only apparent let down is 'Keep On Dancing' which sees autotune married to something that sounds like the BBC News theme tune but upon closer scrutiny Jack slams the whole euro-pop-urban on the radio scene and this track ends up as a very clever send up of "all these lame songs" - make sure you listen right to the end! I suspect that a fan of the type of music Jack Flash is criticising would not even notice the message and would just love it - clever!

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