Tuesday, 27 April 2010

'Solitary Confinement' - Rhyme Asylum (review)

Wordplay and lyricism comes by the pound (see ‘Strange Deranged’ featuring Reain for a perfect example - common phrases are sliced and spliced effortlessly) on Rhyme Asylum’s second album ‘Solitary Confinement’. ‘The ‘N Word’’ does wordplay with a message.

Their track ‘The Art of Raw’ sums them up nicely; they do raw artfully and poetically leaving more to the imagination and, as a result, painting a much more graphic picture in the listeners mind. For those with a taste for more vivid imagery there’s always ‘For The Hate’.

Continuing a theme started on their debut album, Possessed, Psiklone and Skirmish have invited along a couple of American voices, most notably Ill Bill (on ‘Open Mic Surgery’ with DarkStar) and Crooked-I. Each MC on the album sounds absolutely at home on this honed product.

Positive vibes aren’t hard to find here either. ‘Returmination’ is a motivational affair and ‘Life Support’ sees Rap quotables weaved into a tribute to this thing we call Hip Hop.

All of these rhyming goings on are backed up by some of the most solid and consistent productions around with a strictly gritty, East Coast, boom to the bap sound.

Rhyme Asylum are an underrated crew, this is a very solid album and I can’t stress this enough: if you don’t know, get to know. Buy this album. It’s out now and can be ordered from the Rhyme Asylum website on CD or it can be downloaded from itunes for only £5.49.

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