Saturday, 17 April 2010

'Good Writtenz' - Stappz (review)

Coming from Sermstyle’s camp is something for the true Hip Hop head: ‘Good Writtenz’ by Stappz. With a sound similar to (and I absolutely loathe making this comparison usually) Eminem in his ‘Slim Shady LP’ days, this Geordie MC flows effortlessly over one of Sermstyle’s many production styles (in this case West Coast Dre style done to a very high quality). With a focus on introducing himself as a rapper and claiming his spot lyrically, Stappz big himself up, puts other rappers down and basically just shows us what he’s capable of when it comes to making words rhyme.

There are a lot of great tracks on here, I started making a list but it started to get too long: ‘Give Up’, ‘How I Live’ (featuring American Livin’ Proof) and ‘Alright’ are mellow tracks based around acoustic guitar loops whereas ‘Rockstar’ adds a distortion pedal and some heavy drumming to the formula. ‘Good Writtenz’ adds a British edge to the West Coast sound whereas ‘Fall 2 Pieces’ has that wonky sonic. ‘Get To Know’ sounds like Nate Dogg, Snoop, Warren G and maybe even 2Pac should be rocking the mic but Dretonio and Stappz do a great job instead.

Buy it now as a download or as a CD at the venerable Bandcamp website!

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