Tuesday, 11 November 2008

'The Crown' and 'Crush' - Kyza (free downloads) *updated*

Here are some more of Kyza's free-to-download freestyles/tracks:

Kyza - 'The Crown'
Kyza - 'Crush'

"To receive future links all you have to do is send an email to kyza.info@googlemail.com and you will receive one every Saturday right the way up until his album ‘Brand New Same Old Me’ drops in February next year!"

"From now until his album ‘Brand New Same Old Me’ drops (14th Feb 2009) Kyza is aiming at putting something out once a week! It will come in the form of a youtube video or a free download and should be available every Saturday."

"The mix tape ‘Shots Of Smirnoff’ coming soon and the album ‘Brand New Same Old Me’ coming in February next year!"

And go here to download the rest so far: 'Wonderful World', 'Rock Out', 'His Story', 'Bad Luck', 'Freestyle', '2 Nang' and 'Dey Know'.

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mike said...

good stuff.