Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Rusty Jukebox Free Downloads

There's a whale, over there! Not really, but if you do go over there (to Rusty Jukebox's website of course) then what you will find is something larger than an aquatic mammal.

What you'll discover is a vast vault of vibrantly vivacious (sorry, watched 'V for Vendetta' the other night) Hip Hop tunes one of which is one of my most favourite tunes this year: 'Let me Be' by T.L.G. (The Lost Generation) which features Reggiimental, Ras Supa, Biggaman, S.C, Joe Gutta and Rukus. That track comes from their album 'Everything So Clear' which was made available at the beginning of this year.

Other treats on offer here are JVF Clique's 'Alternative Income Sampler', T.L.G.'s 'Infinite Potential', Jimmy B-Boy's 'The Mixtape', Shady Rezidents' 'Unheard Word' and a few other things. All I can say is, go get your download on!

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