Friday, 21 November 2008

'You Don't Know What Broccoli Is?' - Chopps Derby (EP review)

Out and out slapstick Hip Hop definitely has its place in our scene. Pitman went down well, most people liked Devvo and GLC had it for a minute (despite how much you tell yourself they didn’t).

This 12” from Manchester’s Chopps Derby (yes, it’s an alias) plays quite cleverly on the stereotype of a rap fan – ignorant people think it’s just chavs that listen to Hip Hop. In fact, as we know, it’s not just neds/charvers/scallies/townies who like Hip Hop but quite normal people like bus drivers and that.

The beats are what Hip Hop beats should be and the flows are everything flows shouldn’t be. Lazy, mumbled vocals take in everything that’s working class about the north – the character is flawless; it beats any Little Britain or Catherine Tate efforts. The five tracks on here are pretty irreverent, but I believe that’s intentional – this is Manchester after all.

If you fancy a good but credible laugh, then find yourself a copy of this cos it's raight funny, yeah? It might be tracked down here, at Gull's Trunk Records' website.


bash head said...

interesting. never liked GLC. but pitman was funny sometimes. but this sounds decent.

gogogoogleme said...

funny stuff. ace video. : )