Monday, 24 November 2008

‘Self Harmonic’ ft. Cage - No Pretense (single review)

Mury Poppinz and Bane of West Yorkshire’s Don’t Talk To Strangers supergroup have hooked up with none other than controversial US MC Cage and Leeds producer Eliphino to bring you and I ‘Self Harmonic’.

Accompanied by some sick artwork the track is swimming with haunting flute loops, plodding drums and bass and eerie lyrics. Cage sounds at home beside the Yorkshire lads; this isn’t just a pointless collaboration. The vocals evoke imagery of moonlit nights crawling with all manner of evil creatures – it’s on a straight ill-out tip; a change from the norm and a sure sign of some active creativity.

The newly formed Don’t Talk To Strangers record label will be releasing ‘Self Harmonic’ late December as a download single. That will be followed by a limited edition zombie green 7" vinyl release in the New Year (and if that doesn’t get your blood flowing, I don’t know what will – I love exclusive coloured vinyl!)


Anonymous said...

What an original sounding tune and concept!

Creative and creeped out lyricism from CAGE, B.A.N.E and Mury Poppinz dripping off a dark jazz tinged beat (Elphino) - I never knew that a fender rhodes and flute combo could be so eearie.

Man! Not even Scooby Doo and the Mystery machine would dare investigate such darkness, Shaggy would shed skin in fear leaving a skeletal frame for CAGE, B.A.N.E. and Poppinz to shatter into pieces with the darkest of Mic skills.

Cop this tune if you want to be scared witless and cop it even if you don't b/c its quite simply dope!


Jig One

Anonymous said...

This is a definining moment for these guys.. theres no other mc more suitable to collab with for no pretense, and the result is an eargasm.

Dont sleep on this, its a start of an epic scale journey..the albums gonna be ILL!