Thursday, 6 November 2008

Hip Hop Producers - Tricksta Interview

Everyone knows Tricksta’s name right? But does everyone know quite the extent of his work for our music scene? I interviewed him to get the complete low down from start to finish. Just to prove how internationally hard working he is, we had to break off the interview half way through whilst he spoke to K-Rino on the phone! Here’s what he had to say:

Certified Banger: Let’s start right back at the beginning…

Tricksta: Well first and foremost I am a DJ. I started playing back in 1989 and got my first residency in 1991. I played a right mixed bag of styles; I have always been open-minded when it comes to music. I worked at a record shop from 1991 to 1995 (good era!), and in 1995 I left to work for a record label. While I was there I was made label manager of a label called Urban Flavour.

CB: You told me the other day your first release was a jungle 12”… when was that and what was that like?

Tricksta: It was that label that my first ever 12" came out on. The act was called In Deep and the 12" was called 'From The Depths' / 'Electro Solution'. It got rinsed by peeps like Fabio, Bukem, Doc Scott and DJ Lee. I worked at that label up until 1999, and I left to start Wolftown Recordings. Something I had always wanted to do. I started making music around 1993 so I am 15 years deep now - old git!

CB: Haha. So how did you get into Hip Hop from jungle?

Tricksta: Don't get it twisted, I have been into Hip-Hop since 1986, I just had the opportunity to do that release and a few others so I grabbed it by the bollocks. I think looking back it was good to get studio experience and work with instrumental music before I started doing Hip-Hop and working with vocalists. So yeah, I have always been into hip-hop, I actually used to put hip-hop nights on with LATE. We did a night called Revival Pressure back in 1994; we booked First Rate before he was in the Scratch Perverts. The night was packed and I even write a piece about it for HHC! I also used to write for a magazine called Rap Trade back in 1994 too.

CB: Yeah you def do a lot of work for the good of our scene. How did you get into the Hip Hop industry as an artist? Was it all your own hard work or through contacts? Was it a lucky break?

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