Monday, 10 November 2008

'Terms & Conditions' - Broke'N'£nglish (free mixtape)

Those Manc lads Broke'N'£nglish have started blogging, it really is the bees knees to have a blog.

Anyway, they kicked things of with upping their own 2005 mixtape 'Terms & Conditions' You can download it for free to see how we (well, they) do it in the North.

In the words of Konny Kon: "Please burn it, pass it on to your friends, play to your mum, listen in your car but do not listen on your mobile on the back of the bus on your phone, because Strategy didn't spend days on end, sitting in front the computer mixing it down so you could annoy old people on the number 86 with your tinny nokia phone speaker!"


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