Saturday, 8 November 2008

HHC Review Disagreements

Before Myspace and the Internet in general, I relied on Hip Hop Connection's recommendations. But in the last year, as I've been receiving and listening to more and more music I've begun to realise that their reviews are often not inline with my own assessments.

There are particular reviewers who just seem to have, in my opinion, bad taste. For example, in the latest issue there are a number of reviews that I just can't get with:

Sober & Dribbla - 'Freaks Speak Dark' - got 3 stars, deserves 1.
Prodigy - 'Product of the 80s' - is no way a 4 star album, maybe a 3, if that.
Geejay - 'I Came To Represent' - got 3 stars, deserves 2.
Brotherman - 'The Dark/The Light' - got 3 stars, deserves 4 (or not to be equated to 'I Came To Represent' or 'Freaks Speak Dark'.

I guess my main problem is with Adam Anonymous and his judgements; he does make me wonder if he really did listen to these releases properly or not. Both Geejay and Sober & Dribbla have not produced 'A good solid record...still worth buying'. Hugh Leask on the other hand, I often agree with, for example, his review of Jack Flash's 'Union Jack Album' (4 stars), but then sometimes I question why someone who can like something as much as I do could have such a different opinion on others!

Same goes for Harris Pilton, although possibly we don't agree as often. But check this quote out from his/her review of M9's '144,000' - "Time travelling rapper M9 has been sent back to tell us all what life is like in 144,000 AD. Imagine people running through the streets on fire, aliens force-feeding women poisonous elixirs, and cars cars [sic] on every street corner" Great. So he/she had no understanding of why it's called '144,000' and then he/she just described the artwork. He/she turns in one sentence that could actually pass as a review and surrounds the rest with trash. Pure laziness.

This said, I am still a subscriber to this magazine and it's been a boon companion to me over the years so on the whole, keep up the good work HHC!


nofrillz said...

yeah i peeped that m9 review too. thst was just super lazy. i cant believe the meaning of the album title wasnt checked out. im convinced they didnt listen fully to the album. which in turn means that it must be a regular occurance

nofrillz said...

i swaer you must be blind bruv. under cohorts, 4th from the top on that list. youve been there for ages man

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree brotherman deserved at least 4... EPs are Sick