Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Free Downloads from No Pretense, Joker Starr & KI

No Pretense - 'Death of a Star' ft. Belinda Hards
To promote their forthcoming album 'Music & Mouthwords', No Pretense are giving away a free download of 'Death of a Star' featuring Knew Jeru'slum's Belinda Hards on guest vocals. The download is available until 11th of January.

Joker Starr - 'Freestyle Freeness'
Joker Starr thought it would be good to kick start the new year by giving away some archive freestyles DJ specials that he has done over the years. 'Freestyle Freeness' features Dark Angel, Bangie, Soliheen and Scankman. His 'Frazier Ali' E.P. is nearing completion - it will be a digital only release, more information to come in the following weeks.

KI - 'Style of the Phoenix'
Another bandcamp release for you with some nice beats. Also check out his video for 'The Ronin Technique' which can be bought at itunes and places like that.

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