Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Recommended Listening: Charlie Sloth, D.Gritty & Souls of Mischief

Using only genuine business acumen Charlie Sloth has managed to build his name into a bit of a brand. All his hard work will surely pay off when he starts actually releasing music. His next single is 'One More Drink', out on 18th January on his own Grimey Limey label. It's produced by Dominic Owen who has produced for Notorious BIG, Lil Kim, Rakim and EPMD and is a tale of what happens if one drinks to excess. Typical Charlie cheekiness.

Once you've bumped that for a week you might fancy a change. D.Gritty drops his First Aid produced single 'Real Talk' on 27th January. Good to hear the Bradford/Leeds accent coming through on this down-tempo trackt hat does just what it does on the tin. He's got an album on the way ('No Struggle, No Progress') which features production from First Aid, Baby J, Metabeats and Jehst with guest appearances from SkinnyMan and Million Dan.

If you haven't picked up the Souls of Mischief album yet then sample it with the Prince Paul produced single 'Proper Aim'. It is backed with the tracks 'For Real Y'all' and 'Postal' and it's all good stuff! It's out on 25th January.

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