Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Recommended Listening: Mr. Chop, Kidkanevil, Spin Doctor, Stonephace, Del & Tame One

Time is short these days and I'm going to start experimenting with more time effective ways of posting up all the UK Hip Hop news you need. Today is a snow day so I've got time to work things out. You may see more posts like these:

First thing I'd like to tell you to listen to is Mr. Chop's 'For Pete's Sake'. It's basically instrumental reworkings of Pete Rock beats but the beauty of it is that you can play this to anyone and they'll groove to it and all the while you'll be smugly rapping along in your head to 'T.R.O.Y', 'The World Is Yours' and more classics like those. Watch out for the two 7" vinyls actually featuring CL Smooth. Go to for more.

If you're feeling brave and adventurous get yourself a copy of Kidkanevil's third album 'Basho Basho'. Hot on the heels of 'Back Off Man, I'm a Scientist' Kid K takes his formula to its extremes and bashes the listener around the head with bass heavy glitch-hop beats of varying tempos that explode out of their calming intros and interludes. Very strange but very good. Keep your eyes on here for more news, it should be out on January 18th on First Word Records.

<a href="">Bokusha 1 by kidkanevil</a>

The self-titled album by Stonephace on Tru Thoughts is another great CD to share with your anti-Hip Hop friends and family. You'll all appreciate something here whether it be the epic melodies, musicianship or just the funky beats. If you like any other Tru Thoughts albums then you'll like this - they are a label you can be a fan of as they have honed their sound perfectly. Listen to them take you through the album on the Tru Thoughts podcast.

Del The Funky Homosapien has hooked up with Tame One and together they've put together 'Parallel Uni-verses' which is produced by Parallel Thought. I've only heard the album sampler, 5 tracks in all, but it's pretty dope if you fancy some decent US Hip Hop. Check 'Flashback' for some history lessons. It's out on Gold Dust Records.

Finally, try to get your hands on a copy of DJ Spin Doctor's 'Doctorin' Detroit'. It's basically just a mix of a load of really decent Motown music - 2 CDs worth of tracks from The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Rick James and loads more! Buy it here from Rap and Soul.

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