Monday, 11 January 2010

Recommended listening: Congo Man Crew, Strong Arm Steady, Suspect Packages, Reps, DJ IQ & Joker Starr

My man over at Eclectic Hermit asked me if I’d ever heard any Swedish reggae and of course I hadn’t. I had a bit of a laugh at the idea then listened to it and realised it was pretty dope. Then we had more of a laugh about it when we rapped about typically Swedish things (like Ikea) in Jamaican accents over the dubs of the tracks. Go to his post for more info and the free download of their latest EP.

Some US Hip Hop I’m really feeling now: Strong Arm Steady’s ‘In Search of Stoney Jackson’. All the beats on this album are by Madlib and because of this they are all pure quality – trust. The MCs and their guests bring bags of lyrics and rhyming phrases with Krondon being a real standout on the mic. For a much better and more in depth review check out Sach-O’s paragraphs at Passion of the Weiss.

The latest Suspect Packages radio show is upon us and it features, as usual, all the latest and greatest Hip Hop from the UK – something on there for everyone. Download it from Mixcloud.

Reps, one of my favourite UK MCs has put out a free EP download. It’s called ‘So Much More’ and is entirely produced by Polish beatwhizz O.S.T.R. (who produced the remix of Reps' 'Park Ranger' - one of my favourite modern UK Rap tracks) there’s no point in saying anything but download it and bump it. Quality stuff.

Last of all, DJ IQ and Joker Starr having been working together on an EP and ‘Sunshine’ should warm up your snowy world for the moment. Taste this treat and treat this as a taste of what’s to come.

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Tom said...

thanks for the shout. i keep coming back to that driftin' riddim, good stuff.