Wednesday, 6 January 2010

'True or False' - Insight (single review)

The latest release from Tea Sea Records is US rapper Insight's single 'True or False'. It's a fast paced warning that everything might not be as it seems and the original is produced by Tom Caruana. The single also comes with six differing remixes. The funk of the Flevans remix, the flute and organ of the Savages remix and the sneaky sounding Evil Sun remix all do it for me and at 50p each you could spend £2 to get those three and the original. Or, for £2 you can buy them all - might as well eh? For an extra 50p you can get all the instrumentals and the acapella. It's a bargain. Get it here now.

Speaking of remixes, Tom Caruana is looking to get remixes done using acapellas from Tea Sea Records. The acapellas are available to download free from If there is a song on Tea Sea that you want to remix but the acapella isn't available on that page, get in touch with them and they'll sort you out.

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