Saturday, 9 January 2010

'The Return of the Boom Bap' - S.Kalibre (mixtape review)

Instead of choosing his favourite beats from the 90s S.Kalibre has chosen the best beats from the 90s for his 'The Return of the Boom Bap' mixtape. Then he's taken cues from the original subject matter and made his own piece of art from the original elements. 37 tracks deep, one verse per track, beats from tracks made famous by Outkast, Dre, Slick Rick, Pete Rock, Nas, Ice Cube, Das EFX and loads more (obviously). An amazing mixtape from a rapper who makes rapping sound effortless.

If you want more of S.Kalibre (and you should) then check his 'English Spitrapture' EP which came out last year. It's 6 tracks of classic-sounding, heavy beats from Mike-S and lyrics full of clarity, reality and quotables. 'English' featured on the 'On The Radar' series and 'Here Comes The Officer' features Big Cakes and Menace. 'Incoming' is a military-themed banger on which S.Kalibre weaves in many a war-based lyric - clever stuff.

Then, if you've got a few extra pence, you can name your own price on the S.Kalibre/Hard Livin' single 'Oh Girl'.

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