Tuesday, 7 September 2010

'Album Of The Year' - Black Milk (preview)

'Album Of The Year'? It's a bold claim but a lot of folk are saying the title's justifiable. Black Milk's totally down with the net and has himself a Bandcamp page from which you can download the first two tracks from the LP. 'Welcome (Gotta Go)' and 'Keep Going' both have beats which bang with that latter incorporating some pretty heavy rock drumming and the former that dope shuffling synthiness you'll have come to expect from the Detroit producer. The two tracks remind me, for some reason of the times when Kanye used to get things so right although Black Milk is a better who rapper, not dissimilar to Jay-Z, strangely. Download the tracks at Bandcamp.

The album is only available for Pre-order right now but hold tight, it won't be long.

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