Saturday, 25 September 2010

'Run Walk Crawl' - J-Treole (review)

OK, so this came out in August and I'm just way behind - I've been busy ya'dig? Following on from their 'Three Point One Four' EP is 'Run Walk Crawl' - a three tracker worthy of your monies.

J-Treole are a Hip Hop band with real instruments and inspirations drawn from the golden age of jazz. This combination leads to something just that little different musically (and no, don't even think Guru's Jazzmatazz - it's not like that). The MCs voice is also not your usual UK MC's - closest comparison? A less eccentric Roots Manuva at times, at other times; a down-to-earth tone which is well suited to J-Treole's alternative take on Hip Hop.

'Mister Wolf', 'Sky Dive' and 'Symphony of the Shrapnel' all put a severely abstract twist on everyday ideas and thoughts - thinking caps are required as a listener.

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