Saturday, 25 September 2010

'Life Music' - Grit Grammar (review)

Watch out for Grit Grammar's album 'Life Music' - it's a professionally finished and very solid selection of tracks from the MC and his go-to producer Baron Samedi.

Grit bucks all current radio fodder trends without just sounding like another UK MC with another UK Hip Hop album - this LP has memorable moments.

'Hard Times' is an obvious choice - one most of you will have heard with its Genesis Elijah feature but picking out others is fairly difficult - but only because of the high quality of each track.

'Sound of the City' is a funky ode to Grit's London which showcases his ability to really rhyme and flow. Strangely, the last three tracks are all ones that really stick in my mind: 'Trapped From The Beginning' (an exploration of love, life and attitudes to both, 'Going Under' (an honest diatribe on drug struggles) and 'Rich & Famous' featuring Baron Samedi on the mic as well as the optimistic production are some of the best tracks on the album.

Elsewhere Grit finds perfect rhyme partners in Kyza, Iron Braydz and Verb T (in thoughtful, serious mode).

The album drops on 27th September and everyone is invited to the album launch on Tuesday 28th Sept 2010, The Social, 5 Little Portland Place, London. The event is free and features full live performances from Grit Grammar, Verb-t & Fliptrix, Genesis Elijah, Iron Braydz, Baron Samedi and Lixx with a special guest appearance from Kyza Smirnoff and DJ CWD holding down the decks all evening. Check out:!/event.php?eid=154728551206519&ref=mf for more.

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