Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Track Of The Day: 'The Mighty Binoculars' ft. Braille - Mr. Fresh

Yo peeps! Track of the day - not strictly UK but Mr. Fresh is 100 percent bona fide British (but don't quote me on this). The track features Braille, one of my favourite underground US rappers, although the EP also features Chrome and Coherent who are also from the UK.

'The Mighty Binoculars' is all about looking forward in time, and seeing that Braille is a Christian, it's clear to me that he's looking forward, through his mighty binoculars, to heaven.

Even if you don't share his beliefs this track contains a positive message for all. The old school, big beat, is also suitable for all.

Buy the EP, or just the track, now at Bandcamp like I did.

<a href="http://mrfresh.bandcamp.com/track/the-mighty-binoclars-ft-braille">The Mighty Binoclars Ft. Braille by Mr. Fresh (Crate Apes)</a>


strictlykings said...

Mr Fresh is definately 100% british! you can quote me on that.

Mr Fresh

Certified Banger said...

Excellent! Thanks for the comment!