Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Track Of The Day: 'Serious' - Delusionists

Delusionists are back with another heavy UK Hip Hop track - 'deliberate' would be one would that sums this up - aside from 'serious', that is. Ben Black and DBF spit forcefully over Slim Pickens' curt beat which is oh so well mastered and produced; there is no muddiness like you find on a lot of the more homegrown releases - this is pro stuff.

The package comes with the acapella, instrumental and also a great track entitled 'Snow'. You can download it now at Bandcamp.

Delusionists also feature heavily on UK producer Figment's download album 'Love H.E.R. Madly' which is an album using samples of The Doors with UK MCs spitting over the top. Check it out now and hopefully I'll get time to give it more shine.

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