Monday, 13 September 2010

Track Of The Day: 'Diggers Anthem' - Mike-L

Commencing with some jolly kid's entertainer enthusing about finding sounds 'Diggers Anthem' does exactly what is says on the tin. The folksy country yokel-sung refrain about "noble diggers" is the perfect rallying call for all of those out there who love nothing better than to be in a dusty basement rooting through crates looking for that rare gem, that dope break or that hilarious sample. With some modernised sounds thrown in for good measure and and some great sub bass this is an absolute corker of a track taken from an excellent album.

Mike-L's album 'On A Columbo Tip' is a real spiritual journey through Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues and Big Beat with tracks like 'Wade In The Water' and the happy time vibes of 'Sing That' really backing up the 'spiritual' part of my statement. The album will be out on the most excellent First Word Records on 25th October 2010 on CD, vinyl or as a digital download.

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Anonymous said...

Love this track. The vocal sample is wicked, very unusual indeed, and and a very strong beat.

Superb album.